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Feb. 28th, 2010

The Past Few Months

 I have been extremely busy lately, extremely.
So I'll be updating you on quite a few things.
First, I have a boyfriend, amazing man thats just wonderful.
He puts up with a lot of my crap, and I can tell when I'm boring him with my details so that helps me to quickly stop.
His name is ladfksldk <- That means I wont be telling you. If you're on here and not my FB or MySpace it'll probably stay that way.
He's a great guy, he's very smart, has a huge ego and he's great in alsjfldksjfalkdj. xD
See that one I could have meant anything, oh but you'll never know!
I'm in Classical Labs for School, which pretty much is exhausting me. I'm really scared. I don't want to fail and I just have this huge doubt on myself. Of course I don't think I will fail, but you never know, right? Nope you don't.
I know I'll do perfectly fine. I've got an A in everything but my intro to writing class. If I keep it that way I'll be a TA again next semester.
So everyone pray for me!
I think I just became less stressed after asking for prayers, that's always a good thing! I'm only stressed because it's a huge test. 2 Tortes, a dessert plate and 8 petit fours. Ugh! I'm so worried.
I'm certain I'll be fine, but! GAH!
I just realized I have to finish something....
-Scurries off to finish it.;

Nov. 26th, 2009

donna nobles

Favorite Holiday

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Sep. 8th, 2009

donna nobles

Chef's, are we really the one's in McDonalds?

 In the life that we're in today we see Chef's as the people who stand in the back of the McDonalds, flipping burgers. Are those who stand there truely our chef's? For many of us that's all we see them as. Most go to McDonalds multiple times a day just to eat for the pleasure of it. We blame the fast food industry but has anyone ever stopped to think that 'hey maybe if I stopped eating here I'll lose weight?" No I think not.

Working at a local Mcdonalds in my hometown I got to see what types exactly came in to eat there, oh there was the occasional drop in's, but there were most who ate there four-five times a week. I tried not to eat just as much, but it was difficult. Yes the food smelt delicious and it was great that for working the day I got a free meal, that made it worse. But I finally drew a line, yes McDonalds has the salad's and the wraps, but I didn't trust them. They had all of that high cholesterol in it and believe it or not, it was still as bad as a double cheese burger.

I can go on and on about what I think when it comes to McDonald's foods, but that's not why I'm writting this. I am a learning Bakery and Pastry Chef, so I can see what this world is comeing to, and I think other chef's can as well. They know what the in trends are, but can we really beat a fast quick and cheap meal? If you ask yourself this everyday the answer is, yes. We cook them as fast as we can actually, there is no one time we are standing in the back just lolli-gagging around as most would believe we are. Truely we are quickly making your food and trying to make it as best we can.
There are those of course who have no taste buds, but do you realize what you are doing to your body? There is a show I watch constantly on BBC called "You are what you Eat." It's a show that tries to change the way people eat and showing them that it is cheaper than one would think. This woman spends a week trying to show people that what they put in there body is not good for them not only physically, but mentally, also sexually. [Look it up and you'll see.] Maybe if you stopped eating all of those fats and changed to fruits and veggies, then you would have the energy to eat anything.

Of course I'm not one to talk, I do the occasional stopping at McDonalds and I have to confess that I like fats, but there are enzyme's in the food that make you want to eat more than you have. Chef's have confessed it to be true, so maybe the next time you pick up a cookie, or a bag of chips think, "should I really be eating this?" And my all time favorite, "Is it healthy?" Because in reality, unless stated on the package, no it's not. They are full of Trans fats and saturated fats and that's not entirely good for you, actually all fats are debatable, most people think that saturated fats are unhealthy because the amount of fats in it, most think they are. Maybe they are maybe they aren't.... The world may never know.

But for now, as the experts say, let it be. If they say it's bad for you than so be it, but really you are what you eat, and eatting all of that food loaded with empty calories.

[shall be finished later.]

Apr. 7th, 2009

donna nobles

The men I love. XD

[Obsess much? XD]

[The only icons I made were the Simon Baker ones. The rest are NOT mine. I do NOT claim them! I found them on photobucket and felt I should use them!]

Jan. 16th, 2009

donna nobles

Mac's 'Fun' Side.


Disclaimer. All rights of Mack Taylor are owned by CBS.

Alex Taylor is my character, originally Alexandra Lerant.


Mac Taylor had been walking past the same store for the past two weeks. He had decided to walk when Alex's car broke down and she needed to somehow bring both Edward and Lizzy to school. It was their first official year of school, they were in kindergarden and it seemed they were just loving it. Freya was in her last year of high school and she seemed to be going great with her studies and of course so was her school life. So many friends and of course only one boyfriend. When she was just starting high school she and Forrest Jr. fell in love. The two were practically a perfect couple. The occasional fight here and there, but nothing too bad. Normaly they would sit together and cuddle, quickly sitting up whenever her father would come in the room. Whenever Forrest Sr.came in the room things were fine, he didn't much mind, he knew the affects of love.

Freya wasn't sure how her father would take the news actually. She was more than certain he would be fine with it, but she hadn't told him, or her mother. It was Freya's Junior year that Jr left to join the militart, a Marine. Freya was determined to join him, when he was away in Iraq she missed him. But this isn't where the story is supposed to go, that's another chapter.

As Mac walked past this same store over and over he became more and more curious. Finally one day at his lunch break he walked in. The store held sex toys, whips, cuffs and porn. He looked around and grabbed a few things, paying for them and asking for something a little discreet, so his employee's wouldn't notice it. When he returned to work he called up Alex, who had just returned from picking the kids up, telling her to call the babysitter and pack for the both of them. She knew what this was for so she already knew everything she should bring. She just wasn't expectting what would happen when she actually went to the hotel that night.

When she booked the room and got the babysitter over she sent Mac the directions before heading over herself. He wouldn't be there until late so she had time to get ready, he only gave her two instructions over the phone, dont talk to anyone and stay in the room. So she grabbed a the key from the man and went to the room after paying. There she waited. For two hours she waited, getting more and more anxious. She had left the man information about Mac so that he could give him the key to their room.

At six thirty she heard a knock at the door. She looked and stood up, checking herself quickly before looking out of the peep hole to make sure that it was him and it was. Oh thank you Lord. She bit her lower lip and opened the door, he perked a brow but entered the room, looking around and giving a nod, setting something down on the table before turning back to her. It was after she closed the door that he gave her instructions. "Take the chair and move it infront of the bed faceing the sliding glass doors." She gave a nod and did as he instructed, looking at him to see what he wanted her to do. He looked at her and perked a brow, "sit." He told her and she did so, looking at the sliding glass doors. He walked around her and opened the shades, letting the light outside shine in. He smiled and turned back to her.

"Good girl...." He said this and walked around her, opening something. She turned her head to look and he saw this, "LOOK FORWARD!" He shouted. She blushed brightly and quickly looked forward, swallowing. She had never heard him shout at her before, this was the first time he had done this to her. "Now Alex. I want you to remember this next word, because if anything gets too painful I want you to say it, ok?" He asked, looking at her.

"Yes, ok." She said and blushed, having a strange sort of feeling at what they were playing at. He perked a brow, "and the word is peanut butter." He said, looking back, "you are also going to call me sir." He said this and it was as if she could hear him smirk. She wanted to look but just as she was about to he placed a blindfold over her eyes. She reached one of her hands up but he caught it before she could touch the blind fold. "No." He said this in a stern voice before pushing her hand back down on the chairs arm rest. She blushed again and suddenly felt a cuff around her arm and then hear him slip it around the arm of the chair.

He did this with her other arm and then she felt him no more. She could hear him behind her though, hearing him pull something else out and then heard him whip it. She blushed brightly, oh god, he had a whip. But it wasn't the fact that she knew it would hurt, it was the fact that she got turned on by this. She bit her lower lip and winced as she felt him whip her arm. "I am sir and you are my little slut, understood?" He asked and she swallowed before answering, "yes..." She said and gasped as she felt him whip her once again. "Yes what?" He asked her.

"Y-yes sir." She said again and bit her lower lip, "good girl." He said this and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek. She leaned into it and regretted it a moment later when he whipped her inner thigh, making her cry out. He sighed and walked back behind her, from what she heard, and heard him grab something else. "If you want to stop.... Grunt three times." He told her and suddenly find him place a gag in her mouth. "Sorry babe, your just too loud." He told her.

The pain didn't stop here and neither did the fact that she got wet every time he whipped her. He noticed this when he shoved two of his fingers into her 'cunt' as he said it. "Do you like that? Do you like that I whip you?" He asked, "you dirty little slut." Said this and slipped his fingers out of her, whipping her once more, catching her breast. Finally he went to the slidding glass door and closed the blinds before turning and walking back to her. He removed the gag and threw it aside.

"Do you want me?" He asked her, "do you want me to fill you and fuck you hard?" He asked and waited for an answer. After nothing she felt the whip on her shoulder, making her gasp. "Well?" He asked and she nodded, "yes... Yes sir." She said quickly. He finally removed the blind fold, throwing it to the side from what she could see. She looked at him and noticed he was out of his jacket, his shirt from his pants and tie undone slightly. She bit her ower lip, the sight of this turning her on. He noticed this quickly and grimaced, "do you like this?" He asked, "do you like the sight of me like this?" He asked and leaned down, taking off her cuffs, "undress me." He told her and she blushed.

She wasnt used to this, slowly she stood up and looked at him, carefully removing his tie and placing it on the desk before slowly unbuttoning his shirt. "Little Alex." He said softly and this suddenly made her feel like a child. She looked at him and he was frowning at her, "the longer you take the more I will spend time I spend teasing the living hell out of you." She was told. She blushed and gave a nod, quickening her pace and throwing his shirt aside before kneeling down and unbuckling his belt, his buttons and his zipper, letting his slacks fall to the floor.

She then waited for him to sit down, which he did after she placed the chair behind him. She removed his shoe's and socks and pushed them aside before removing his boxers and tossing it aside as well. She looked at him and bit her lower lip, waiting for her next instruction.

[To be continued...]

Jan. 13th, 2009

donna nobles

For my love.

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me.
I still feel your touch in my dream.
FOrgive me my weakness but I dont know why.
Without you it's hard to survive.
Cause everytime we touch I get this feeling
and everyime we kiss i swear I can fly
Cant you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last I need you in my life.
Cause everytime we touch I feel the static and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky!
Cant you feel my heart beat so I cant let you go want you in my life.

Your arms are my castle your heart is my sky
They wipe away tears that I cry.
Oh the good and the bad times we've been through them all.
You make me rise when I fall!
Cause everytime we touch I get this feeling
and everytime we kiss I swear I can fly!
Cant you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last
want you by my side.

~Cascada Everytime We Touch.

Love ya David. 
Now For Joel.
[Updated 2/28/10]

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Dec. 27th, 2008

donna nobles

Getting something offa mah chest =P

Oh now lets have a blame game, fine blame it all on me. I only did that because you bashed my favorite show so I was going to bash your favorite actor. Your so allowed to do it but when I do it it's crossing the line, god forbid! Yea I said shit yesterday, but I didn't mean a fucking thing until we actually started in on the fight. I was trying to prove a point! What was that? That your as stubborn as me! You always have to be right, like me! No I didn't use logic yesterday, woop-dee-fuckin-doo. But only because you didnt either. Not once did you actually tell me why you hated Twilight, you forwardly bashed it and so I did the same fucking thing. I'm tired of this bullshit! I'm actually happy you aren't talking to me anymore! Trust me hun I'm not the one that lost you! You lost me WAY before I lost you. I knew that you wouldn't leave Jen even if your life depended on it. The reason I fight with you, because I know this. I fight people when I know I'm going to lose them.

I actually like Orlando Bloom, you can ask any one of my friends. I think he's the hottest thing since sliced bread. I just dont think he would be a good Bond. He's too boyish for it and they've always used people who show they have age, Tennant clearly has that. And you have only ever seen him in Doctor who, from what I've gathered, I'm not sure. But he can act responsibly when he can. It's called acting and he can clearly do that. Once one has played in a Shakespeare show or movie or whatever, that person can clearly act, as said by my mother and the truth in it when you see Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet act. [I'm actually not entirely sure if Alan Rickman was ever in a Shakespere movie or even broadway, but hey whatever. And Kate was in a weird Hamlet version, but it still counts.]

My faith, no do not go there with me. I may not have logic for this but I will go to my father for it. I know plenty of people that went out in search to PROVE the bible wrong and they came back with knowledge that it was the truth. What is said on the history chanell about other stories, yea that's true, but they were disposed of because it was an AFTER story of such things. Oh and here's thing, you claim that the Bible is false. How do you know? For that matter how do you know there's a God? Or that Jesus was ever born? Just because there's christmas and Easter it means nothing. Both religions are from Pagan beliefes. Easter is celebrated for Spring Solstice. Bunnies and chocolate has nothing to do with Jesus, just spring! How do you know Satan is real or demons are real for that matter? You don't their all theories. You do not know who is who or what is what. For that matter I dont even know if you are who you say you are, all I have to go on is a HUNCH.

I have a sense of humor with anything, you just have to find it, but for some reason you find a button and you push it with me! I'm tired of this shit. It's pissing me off, clearly. You dont think I was pissed off yesterday? Are you the only one that's allowed to be pissed off when having a fight? Clearly because whenever I get pissed it's all wrong for me but when you do I have to accept that. I dont want to fight you anymore so you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to kindly ask that you stop talking to me. For a while. I honestly want nothing to do with you anymore and a break would be the best thing for us. I'll be off for a while and thankfully school will keep me busy. Hey yea! I'm going to College and that's the best thing that'll happen to my life.

I've made mistakes in my life and trust me you are far from the worst, but you are still one of the worst mistakes ever. I'm tired of your shit and I want us to stop talking. A break will be fine and I know we'll be nothing more than friends. That's all we'll ever be. I love you but I cant stand this pain that I go through every time we have a disagreement or an argument. So I think this is for the best.

I'm done now.


Nov. 15th, 2008




Oh my gosh I'm more excited than that time I almost got to see Johnny depp at Disneyland!

Do you people have any idea how long I've been waiting for this movie? I mean! This is thee movie of the century! You all know it! It's gonna be bigger than Harry Potter! -Mah gasp- Cannot believe I said that!... No wait I can! Ahahaha!
I'm soooo friggen excitted!
I swear! It looks so good! I got to see a part of the twilight movie this morning and I NEARLY DIED!... No actually I nearly cried. Yes! I will admit! I almost cried when I saw the sneak preview to twilight..
OH! And get this! I'm fallin for the guy who's playin james. -drools.- He's almost as sexy as the guy playin Carlisle!

Alright! Rant of Twilight over

WAIT! One more thing! I got twilight shit! The movie compainion! A cullen shirt, hard cover of twilight and.. THE SOUNDTRACK! Ahahahahhahahaha! -Twilight nut!-
Now I'm done! =P


Nov. 2nd, 2008

donna nobles


Long time no see people! Wow... I really don't feel like leaving a journal soooo this is all your gettin from me tonight! ^^


Sep. 22nd, 2008


Just how I feel right now...

[I know I put this before, but... this is just how I feel.]

I'm gonna miss you AJ... Like mad.

I wuvvers you AJ.


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